Deeper Life Pastor - W.F Kumuyi, Remarries at 71 ...

Pastor William F. Kumuyi recently wedded on Tuesday in London to new wife , former Ms. Esther Folashade Aduke Blaize.
A statement by the Church Secretary, Pastor Livinus Nnadozie, confirmed the story making the rounds in the last couple of  days that the former Mathematics lecturer at the University of Lagos, tied the nuptial knots with former Ms. Esther Folashade Aduke Blaize in a solemn ceremony in London.
The statement said: “Pastor William Kumuyi sparked joy and spontaneous happiness among members of the church when he got married recently in London.
“She is the administrator of the church in London. Esther, 65, was never married before, but had committed her life to the service of the Lord. The solemnisation ceremony of the couple’s Christian marriage took place in London on Wednesday, October 13.”
Dressed in a modest business suit, Pastor Kumuyi watched as his bride, Esther, resplendent in a pink and purple skirt suit, took the vow of marriage.
Guests at the wedding were later entertained at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in London.
Until the recent wedding, last week, the new bride now being referred to as Queen Esther, was the church secretary in charge of the London branch of the church.
Like late Mrs. Biodun Kumuyi, the new Mrs Esther Kumuyi is said to be one of the 15 founding members of the church in August 1973 at his living room at the University of Lagos.
According to sources close to the church, the ceremony which was preceded by a registry formalities was presided over by three clerics—one Nigerian and two British—Pastor Philip Oluwi, Pastor David Murray and Dr. James McDonnel. It was low keyed and devoid of glamour, only attracting a few invited guests from Nigeria.
The couple walked in to the Metropolitan hall with the wife dressed in a gown with a black coat on top and a hat to match instead of the usual turban while pastor Kumuyi was Dressed in a modest suit, Pastor William Kumuyi and Esther Blaize, clad in a pink and purple skirt suit, exchanged the marriage vow last Wednesday to the singing of Hymns before a short exhortation by the officiating minister, Dr. McDonnel who enjoined the couple to lead exemplary lives.
Guests were later ushered into the Crowne Plaza Hotel, London for a reception ceremony . And just like that, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry got married for the second time. Two days ago, key leaders of the church across the country, who were not privileged to attend the modest ceremony, were made to watch the video of the proceedings. 
Pastor Kumuyi lost his first wife, Biodun on April 11 last year. He took the news with calm. He even went on to handle the convention and shocked many by preaching at the funeral of his late wife.   
At the time of her death, Kumuyi was 70 years old. When asked last year if he was going to take a new wife, he said it was too early to think of that. With his age, not a few also thought he might just stay unmarried for the rest of his life. 
A statement by  the church yesterday said Kumuyi’s decision to remarry was not entirely his. The statement  endorsed on his behalf by the church’s Secretary, Pastor L Nnadozie said his marriage to Esther sparked joy and spontaneous happiness among members of the church. 
The statement reads: “Pastor Kumuyi had lost his wife, Biodun in April last year. The death of the woman affectionately called ‘mummy’ or ‘mama’ by members of the church, became a cause for concern for leaders in the church as she was almost inseparable from her husband. The church leaders were so concerned that the pastor must not remain lonely, that they led a delegation to encourage him to begin praying to God to give him another wife. The leaders also began praying for their pastor to get another partner. Although initially reluctant, Pastor Kumuyi later prayed and testified to the leaders that God had answered their prayers. This is what culminated in the marriage ceremony in London”.
The new wife, whose other names are Folashade Aduke, is the National and International Woman Co-odinator of the church.  She is 65. And wait for this: she was never married, because, according to source, she committed her life to the Lord.
The presiding cleric then proceeded to join the couple and thereafter declared the twosome husband and wife. According to the statement added that the wife of the General superintendent is the national and international women co-ordinator of the church, a role that cannot be filled by any other woman.
We pray on them all the best as Jesus Tarries.


by Joy Joy added almost 5 years ago

God has the final say... God bless
christian regards!

by Hannah added almost 5 years ago

This is great..

by Akwawa Edith added almost 5 years ago

Thank God

by Omohimoria isaiah itama added almost 5 years ago

I'm happy my daddy in lord has remarried.

by adebayo melchizedek added almost 5 years ago

That's really wonderful,it shows that God is always at it.

by Pmictltd Inspired To Achieve added almost 5 years ago

Wishing you a wonderful beginning ...on the journey to a lifetime of love.

by Rita Edeawe added almost 5 years ago

Daddy Kumuyi and Mummy Esther , I wish you a happy and a blessed married life.

by Tolu Joshua added almost 5 years ago

daddy i am very happy for you even if people are saying its too soon only the best is good for you and God has the final say

by Tolu Joshua added almost 5 years ago

Iam a bonified member of deeper life bible church and iam happy

by Agbude Eseoghene Eunice added almost 5 years ago

2 those of u wu said its 2 early 4 dady 2 remarry let me ask u a he until he is 80 b4 he remarries?mama has gone,lyf continues.ride on pastor!!!am jst so hapi 4 u enjoy.

by aderonke komolafe added almost 5 years ago

God is great and mighty, am happy for u Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by UJU ICHU-IGWEZE added almost 5 years ago

What a mighty God we serve!

by Aderonke Obaoye added almost 5 years ago

Hmmmmmmm,dz God na wonder wonder 65yrs woman neva married & wz suddenly remebaed,i wish dem happy married life!!!

by joseph james added almost 5 years ago

just l;ike a thunder bolt,d lord has done wat man cannot do,may his name be glorified....

by Mazie Long added almost 5 years ago

So at 65years old it could be expected that Mrs Esther Kumuyi can finally get herself "some sugar" (at least officially and on the records)...
Wow! Just wow!

by Joy Joy added almost 5 years ago

@ mazie long....may God 4give u. lol

by chummyangel added almost 5 years ago

Amazing.....its the Lord's doing nd its marvelous in our eyes....God makes things so beautiful in his time.Happy married life!

by Ogundipe Abosede Omobolanle added almost 5 years ago

God is so wonderful.Daddy,God bless ur new marriage.

by Emmanuel added almost 5 years ago

God is great!!!!! for me i don't have a say if Pastor get married again so soon or so long. what i saw in his marriage to his new is that God's ways is totally different from ours.. people can't see that this man never get married with 25 years old girl or 30???? his new for will never for life think of having the humble man of God as her Hubby but here is the work God.. to those pp like who are above 25 to 40 there are hope for us to get ours if we can humbly trust in the Great provide. if you don't know what to say just keep your mouth short okay . when i was in Nigeria i am a Member of DCLM til when came to Malaysia and i did not see the Church here.. i pray that Malaysia will be remembered one day by the DCLM. i love you GS and your wife. GOD BLESS YOUR MARRIAGE . AMEN

by Precious uhunoma added almost 5 years ago

Let him enjoy himself,

by INNOCENT J. KAIGAMA added almost 5 years ago

Waw! that is great dady, i am happy for you and new queen, Esther. But you have ever promised us that you will invite us whenever you are remarrying, then what happened? Anyway, congrats and wishing you more years with your newly wedded queen. We pray that the LOrd will keep on using you by the reason of this marriage. Thanks.

Innocent j. kaigama.

by Adebowale Emmanuel added over 4 years ago

God is wonderful. He can do and undo. the beginning and the ending. u're just too much.

by Olanike coker added over 4 years ago

I congratulate our daddy and for their marriage.Conjugal bliss forever.God makes life beautiful at his own time. It is better to marry than fall into temptation because of loneliness. God forbid!

by Joy Joy added over 4 years ago

lol @ olanike coker

by funmi added over 4 years ago

Congratulations to the man of God. It is not good for a man to be alone. Thank God for making all things beautiful in His own time. God bless ur union sir.

by Joy Joy added over 4 years ago

ami o my sis,

by DeBeloved-Heebeen Herckensunlawler added over 4 years ago

God never comes too late Congrats

by Regina Emeana added over 4 years ago


by Gold Nnenna Mmahi added over 4 years ago

The Lord is good. This shows that there nothing God cannot do for those who trust in him. God the Almighty. Nothing is too hard or imposible for him to do. I give thanks and adoration to God for this wonderful thing He has done.

Mudena Ani

by Gold Nnenna Mmahi added over 4 years ago

The Lord is good. This shows that there nothing God cannot do for those who trust in him. God the Almighty. Nothing is too hard or imposible for him to do. I give thanks and adoration to God for this wonderful thing He has done.

Mudena Ani

by prince Chetachy added over 3 years ago

W.F.Kumuyi is a Rabbi of our time,Sir, is a holy spirit led pastor, i will have no doubt in my heart whatever thing God led you to do. In fact i do realize one little thing in your motive to remarry this isn't just, but for the great task left by your dear late wife ,Biodun, now your decision is ever unify agreement with scripture, as instructed by Paul. Congratulation to you and your new lovely wife!!!!

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