20 New Wedding Hairstyles you’ll Love

Looking for wedding hairstyle ideas?
The weddings  on www.namywedding.com/dream-weddings  are full of bridal hairstyle pictures, including formal wedding hairstyle photos,updo's, curly hairstyle ideas, hair accessories and more to inspire you for your wedding.
Brides often put just as much thought into their wedding day hairstyle as they do their dress. Are you still obsessively searching for a new look to match your gown or wedding theme? (Deciding is tough, we know!) Steal a style idea right off this bridal pics or look up more on the dream weddings.  Here are twenty easy yet sassy looks we love.

To make your wedding day absolutely unforgettable, your hairstyle has to be beautiful, as such a special occasion warrants it. From the cute bangs to the playful curls cascading down this bride's back, these 'styles would be great for an ‘ember’ wedding.
Trends in Wedding Hair
So what is hot nowadays for wedding hair styles? Many salon owners and hairstylists will offer the same bits of advice. Hairdos that pin hair half-up and half-down are the biggest styles for brides. Also, it seems that many brides choose to wear their hair half-up and half-down, while requesting that their bridesmaids get total up-dos.
Curls are a classic addition to every wedding hairstyle, whether you’ve got natural curls or simply added them with a curling iron or hot rollers. Hairstylists can often just look at you and know what style would look great, but they often want you to decide on a wedding hairstyle that suits you and your preferences.
Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Hair style:
Task yourself with researching hairstyles online to see what strikes your fancy. View a few Wedding pictures, especially wedding-centered sites, and print out your favorite styles.
Pick up a few bridal magazines and get an idea of what people are doing. Bridal hairstyles come in countless fashions and trends. Subscribe to a bridal magazine or pick one up every now and again to give yourself some ideas.
Go for a sample hairdo prior to the big day. First of all, getting a sample hairdo done will give you an idea of what to expect from your wedding day hairstyle. Secondly, meeting with your stylist prior to the date will give you both a chance to play around with your hair and the options available to you. You can try all different styles and see what you like best.
Take pictures at your sample hairstyle appointment. Even if you have an elephant’s memory, bring your camera along to the salon and ask your stylist to take some pictures of you with your hairstyle. Save these pictures so you can look back and decide if the style is absolutely positively what you want on your wedding day.
Try your hair several ways. Even if you think you know how you want to wear it, it can’t hurt to let your stylist play around a bit with your hair. Get a complete up-do, a completely down style, and a style that involves hair half-up and half-down.
Wear a shirt or outfit that is similar to the style of the dress. If your wedding gown is strapless, wear a tube top or a strapless dress to the salon so you can get an even better idea of what you will look like on your wedding day.
Don’t forget your headpiece! If you plan to wear a veil or a tiara on your wedding day, don’t forget to bring them along to your sample hairstyle appointment. Make sure you get pictures with this as well!
There are many gorgeous wedding hairstyles to choose among. Scour fashion magazines, discuss alternatives with your hairdresser or ask your friends for advice, which hairstyles fit you best.

The bride’s hairstyle should complement her gown, not compete with it. It is important that both your hairstyles match your wedding gowns and the style of your wedding. 

The most important aspect of a bride’s hair is shine! Use a moisturizing conditioner before you begin styling, and then use a shining serum or spray to add gloss.

Below are a few names/styles you can identify with –
Short hair
Not all brides have long hair. Short hair is pretty and sophisticated and can be just as bridal as long hair.

Attach a comb, a flower, or a crown to make you hairstyle look more beautiful. Consult your hairdresser for advice. Different hair accessories can be bought in most wedding shops. You can also look for combs and barrettes in antique shops and flea markets.

Fresh flowers are a great way to lend a romantic, feminine look to short hair. Attach them to the veil, or place them around your head. If you are planning to wear flowers in your hair, make sure they match the bridal bouquet.

Why not wear a net or crown? It looks wonderful on short hair.

Long hair
If you have decided to wear your hair up, there are many wonderful updos you can do. Perhaps Chignon – a tight knot at the base of the head, French Braid – three-stranded braid woven close to the head, Bun – a ponytail wrapped around itself.

Why not pin up the front half of the head and let the rest hang down the back.

You can also wear your long hair loose with soft waves and curls.

Whatever you decide, find something that suits you and the overall style of your dress and the wedding.
Couture roll
Not every updo needs to be secured into a single bun. Have your stylist roll two or more sections together to make a more unique knot or even spiral rolls.
The Bun
The added volume at the crown of her head gives it just the right touch of sophistication.
Simple Updo with Slant Bangs
There's nothing wrong with picking a classic, traditional style -- especially if you've chosen to have a full veil, like this bride. Her bangs bring the style up to date and keep it from looking too formal for this ember wedding.
..... your 2010 favorite, the Lace wig
Whatever style you choose, just make sure you’re comfortable in it…. Have a lovely hair day at your wedding!


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