The 2012 Modern Muslim Bride


Looks we love -


A Hausa wedding ceremony is called a fatiha and is typically hosted by the men in the family. In keeping with the culture of separating the sexes, the father and other men sit together, separate from the mother and the women.


  •  Muslim brides are ornately decorated for their wedding ceremonies. Mehndi is applied to her hands and feet and she wears real gold jewelry---the more the better.
  • THE OLDEN DAYS - Muslim wedding dresses are very different than Christian ones. Muslims never wear white and favor bright jewel tones, like red, turquoise or green.... ERMMM NOT ANYMORE REALLY, see what we mean below in real wedding pictures...
Unlike in the past years when the groom is dressed in a kaftan and the bride is wearing the Hausa version of a wedding dress ... its very different in recent times, the brides look almost like the christian brides of today wow, really really nice.


See the bride's right hand? It is adorned with lali, a form of body art that enhances the bride's beauty just like modern day makeup. Unlike a tattoo (design), the lanli is temporary and washes off after a while.


Here are some of the most stylish brides to copy from in 2012 and even build on...


2012 -

The Brides Maids -
Look 2 - 
Look 3-
Look 4 -
The Face & Make-up
Its mostly dark lined eyes
Scarf veils
full brows
Nude lips
Lanli for feet and hand design
Muslims love the use of Lace
Ceck these looks out :
Whichever look you decide on, add your own personal style and flavour and make beautiful memories for generations to come.
So tell us, which look was your fave?!


by Joy Joy added over 3 years ago

i really like this article. great looks for my hausa friends to copy from.

by Joy Joy added over 3 years ago

i really like this article. great looks for my hausa friends to copy from. my fave is the look with bridesmaids.

by Ese added over 3 years ago

very very nice

by Olubukola Kehinde Alo added over 3 years ago

It very nice

by bisola added over 3 years ago

I have to disagree with most things written in this article.the muslim bride has no unique dress code,she doesn't have to wear a specific colour or style.she can wear a kaftan,a wrapper and buba,a skirt and blouse or even a white dress.the choice is hers really so long as she observes proper body covering.even christain brides now dress in coloured dresses this days.the muslim wedding is called a nikkai and the reception is called a walima(wedding feast).the opening verse of the Quran;the fathia is recited that is why the northerners refer to it as the Wedding Fathia.the tradition of applying the Henna , Mehndi(indian)or Lali (in hausa) originated from asia and it is a form of beautification for females during occasions mostly weddings.the bride and her friends are decorated so as to stand out.its not a compulsory tradition.As for the make up,its an individual prefrence,Asian women love heavy eye liner or kohl because of their coloring.its nt a must for every muslim bride. Asians particularly love bright coloured and heavily decorated dressess and this is not a must for every muslim bride to wear .Muslim brides have been wearing white colored dresses for ages now,its not a new trend,its just dat they wear a veil and ensure that they are well covered. Infact the dress code for muslim females remain the same(that is being properly covered) and modernity shouldn't be an excuse to dress improperly.even churches do not allow it.A muslim bride is free to wear whatever she feels like wearing,there's no set dress code. My cousin who recently got married wore a gold coloured dress and it was no big deal.I feel that proper research such be done before any write up, so as not to misinform the readers.Thank you.

by Joy Joy added over 3 years ago

babe bisola d olden days abegi una no dey wear even gown jor ... its nowadays u ppl wear dresses like xtian briodesz bah.
Theres nothing to defend ... compare the pix. ur nikkai were also traditional haa.
its all good.
me i njoyed the article.

by omolara added over 3 years ago

@ busola ‎ agree completely wif u nd @ joy b4 nw, muslims bride truly dnt wear a̶̲̥̅̊ weddin gown, buh den †ђξя̩̥̊ξ re specific colours 2 it also.... As 4 d makeup, its nt a̶̲̥̅̊ must dat d bride makeup iz dark, it varies among d brides involved, as 4 d lali, it a̶̲̥̅̊ form of beautificatn 4 d bride...d weddin iz called nikkai, nd d rececption iz walima. @ joy Ŋ☹1 Ȋ̝̊̅§ sayin dat d article aint good, buh most of wot iz said †ђξя̩̥̊ξ aint true, mre research sud be done b4 cumin out publicly....capish

by Joy Joy added over 3 years ago

@omolara and @bisola its true !gbam!
answer me did ur muslim mothers wear white, did dey even have a train, use dresses?

check your natural origin and donot dwell just on the ineternet ok.

by mobola Ayo added over 3 years ago

u ppl are all funi ... u both have made sense but joy its true in d olden days #am muslim , my mom dint even wear a dress.
were u got it wrong @bisola and omolara is dat u dint tk note of the title 'muslim bride not hausa bride...

by justice added over 3 years ago

mobola is rite, dem don secular gan

by tryingmybest added almost 3 years ago

i am a muslim and to be honest., we cant call any of what the brides are wearing MUSLIM. you can cleavage and arms exposed, hair and neck exposed, how is that muslim. For me any colour is good even red, as far as you look decent and all necessary body part are covered and no curves showing.The muslims i know, dont wear this for there wedding, and even if they do, the pictures would never be seen by the public. the muslim wedding is called NIKKAH(contract) not fathia(dont know why hausas call it that) and the party after is a WALIMAH(celebration).

by MUSA TAHIR added 9 months ago

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