First PHOTOS from Nikki Laoye's Traditional wedding 'Sneak peek'...



Yes o .. songstress Nikki Laoye of the House on the Rock chur/choir got married traditionaly this weekend and here's a first photo from the day...



We promise to deliver the rest of the pictures as soon as we lay our hands on them, enjoy and stay tuned.

The wedding, yesterday, follows the quiet introduction the couple did back in September and a subsequent court wedding on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at the Ikoyi Registry. [...]Nikki Laoye Weds Alex Oturu...

The wedding was held on saturday the tenth of December 2011 at the Grandeur Event Centre, Billingsway, Oregun Ikeja.

Congratulations Nikki ermm' we mean mrs. Alexander Oturu #nice, may your love/life be filled with Joyful singing.



‘And the dude done did it!! haha!! June 26th is a day i will never forget…was the headlining artiste for One Mic Naija and became the headline topic in the best proposal ever…share my joy. Lord i thank u…u ave finally DID IT…yaaaay‘, she wrote on her wall.


The story is that the lovebirds were having lunch on the Chicken Republic eatery in Ikoyi when Alex sent Nikki a ‘supposed’ feature story about her career that he’d stumbled on. Upon checking and reading it on her Blackberry phone, the only thing she saw was a write-up from Alex proposing to the her. A surprised Nikki burst into tears (of joy apparenetly) before calming down to say the big ‘Yes’.
The petite singer who headlined the recent One Mic Naija gig in Lagos didn’t waste time in giving out a response to her fiance’s post too. ‘YESSSSSSS! AND AGAIN I SAY YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!  wicked guy!! haha . U cldnt ave picked a more perfect day. i was the headlining artiste for One Mic Naija and 2day u made me the headline topic in the best proposal ever. I love u with all of my heart Yes again. i will be ur Oyebaby for life  and ur my ANGEL 4 LIFE!!‘, her comment read. Some other readers of the write up also commented and congratulated the singer.
Read Alexander’s post below:
I can’t believe it’s just been six months since I fell in love with you! It feels like we have been together for a lifetime! You are an amazing woman. The best friend a man could ever ask for.
You”ve brought sunshine into my life. Made the happiest I have ever been in years. You’ve brought peace to my heart. Given me joy beyond my wildest dreams. When I think about you, I feel like God took a stroll through my dreams and fashioned you after the similitude of everything I have ever dreamed of in a Woman.
You are my best friend, my girl friend, my heart beat, my dream come true. You are a perfect help meet for me. A picture of God’s perfection and His utmost love for me.
In life’s journey, everyone needs a co-pilot who’ll steer the ship of life with you, help you see things more clearly….you are that co-pilot, that I want on my ship everyday. You are my soul mate. No matter how many times we fight, my heart keeps running back to you….only God has ever done that successfully. YOU are everything I’ve ever wanted and so much more.
I love you more than I have ever loved anyone before and much more than that! You have stolen my heart and I dont want it back. I wanna be the best I can ever be, because of you! You’ve become my inspiration, my driving force.
My Princess, My Oye-Baby, I dont wanna live another day without you in my life. I dont wanna go on without you. You are the answer to all my prayers, and all my prayers will find answers in you, you are a wife and a girlfriend all wrapped up in ONE!
Oyenike Samantha (Sammie) Phoebe Helen Funmilayo Nikki Laoye Will You Marry Me?

We suggest that you see it for yourself here - ...



by Joy Joy added over 2 years ago

am so happy for her, congrats to the newest mrs. in town.

by NJ added over 2 years ago

How romantic! Congrats to you both....

by NJ added over 2 years ago

How romantic! Congrats to you both....

by NJ added over 2 years ago

How romantic! Congrats to you both....

by NJ added over 2 years ago

How romantic! Congrats to you both....

by aderonke added over 2 years ago

What a proposal!was moved to tears reading it,congrats

by ISpeakTheTruth added over 2 years ago

nice. d hubby looks cool

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