Will the colors, burnt orange and Gray match?

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Hi friends, will the color 'burnt orange and gray' match? is there any wedding pictures to view for it? what other colours can be mixed with burnt orange? thanks peeps.

asked about 4 years ago by Ekanem - 6
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2 Answers

babe you should check the real weddings dey have in their gallery ,,,, you'll find alot to help you...cheers

answered about 4 years ago by Joy Joy - 1,474
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s nlong as its in uniform (more than one ppl wearing it)mos def it will match.
do not fear .

- Joy Joy added about 4 years ago

Gray can be used as a neutral, so it can pretty much go with anything. It's the shade you must pay attention to. Autumn colors go WONDERFULLY with burnt orange. These include: Chocolate Brown, Bordeaux, Golden Yellow and Green.

answered about 4 years ago by Expert - 27
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